Is Megyn Kelly Causing Problems, Or Is She Just Dim?

More trouble ahead for Megyn Kelly?  Is she intentionally stirring up problems with coworkers or is she just a bit dim on working relationships?


Megyn Kelly, formerly of Fox News, now has her own talk show, Megyn Kelly Today, but doesn’t seem to be settling into her new role as morning talk show host very well. Megyn is known for asking questions people don’t like to answer. But that’s not the only problem.

Conflict seems to follow Kelly where ever she goes.

During a recent interview with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, there to promote their new Netflix movie today, Kelly ignored Redford and went straight at Fonda, asking her questions about having had plastic surgery. Fonda was taken aback and asked what whether she had or hadn’t had surgery have to do with the movie she and Redford were there to talk about. But Kelly didn’t let up. Asking more questions, Fonda stepped around them and tried to involve Redford in the conversation to move on with the interview. The rest of it did not go well.

Later, Fonda was asked about it, and she said yes she had been upset because she and Robert weren’t there to discuss her plastic surgery. They were both excited about this movie they had done together, and she didn’t want Robert to feel uncomfortable either.

When confronted about what Jane had said to the press, she attacked Ms. Fonda and called brought up Fonda’s old Vietnam War protesting and said she had no business lecturing anyone on what qualified as offensive.

On this one, I agree with Fonda. Kelly was rude to Redford by bringing up plastic surgery to Fonda.

Apparently, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes with Kelly’s behavior as well.

A former colleague, Kelly was always tricky. Iren Halperin, a Fox News makeup artist who retired in 2016 but was employed at Fox News for 20 years, knows first hand just how challenging and demanding Kelly can be.

“She’s disrespectful. She’s not for women. She’s extremely mean and rude to women.”

Halperin said Kelly always got her makeup done at 8 a.m., but when Kelly showed up 1/2 hour late one day, and Halperin was doing someone else’s makeup, Kelly demanded that the woman leave. Halperin said, “Please have a seat in the green room or start your hair first,” but Kelly said no. She said she apparently snapped her finger, pointed at the reporter and said, “You, get out of the chair.”

Halperin also said that if you didn’t do what she wanted, she would try to get you in trouble.

Which is precisely what happened to Halperin. Kelly retaliated by telling Halperin’s boss that Halprin couldn’t get to work on time because of her kids, which wasn’t true. Halperin asked to be assigned a different anchor.

Sounds like Kelly is a nightmare to work with, in front or behind the camera.

An NBC veteran claims people at the network don’t see her lasting longer, saying, “She is hated inside the Today Show and is seen as tarnishing the bran, out-of-control and selfish.”

What do you think? Is Kelly being treated unkindly because she’s a woman? Or is she merely a woman trying to get ahead in previously good ole’ boy news programs? Time will tell. But in front of the camera or behind, there are people will not tolerate that kind of behavior too long.

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