Boy Uses His Creativity; He Gets Stuck In Elevator.

For the most part, children tend to be more creative than adults.  It seems a child’s imagination is endless.  It’s always best to keep them busy, or you never know the kind of problems their fancy can get them into.

Chinese boy gets trapped in elevator

Here a young Chinese boy is standing staring at the multiple lit floor buttons on an elevator.  He’s unable to get off the elevator because there seems to be a short circuit.

But wait until you find out what he did to cause the problem.

A surveillance camera caught the 9-year-old boy urinating on the keyboard from bottom to top.
Chinese boy urinates on elevator keypads

Ater completely coving the panel with his urine, the elevator began to light up and stopped working.

The buttons began flashing red, and the door failed to open, trapping the mischievous little boy inside.

Chinese boy short-circuits elevator after urinating on keypad

The boy tried ringing the alarm and pressing the open door button, but nothing worked.

He was eventually rescued unharmed.

According to Jiangsu News, the urine caused a temporary electrical short-circuit.

Here’s the video of him doing the ‘act.’

via Daily Prompt: Imagination


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