“Demonic Child” Scares Passengers On An 8-Hour International Flight.

The small “demonic” child was literally allowed to run free around the plane, climb on seats, and scream demonically at the top of his lungs.

demonic screaming child


A distraught passenger documented the eight hours of “demonic” tantrum flight between Germany and New Jersey.


Shane Townley who uploaded the video wrote: “Watch as this kid runs and screams throughout the entire flight while the mother does little to nothing to stop him. 3 years old on an 8-hour flight from Germany to Newark NJ. He never quits!”

Well, at least we know the 3-year-old has healthy lungs since it was non-stop screaming.

“That was a nightmare – eight hours of screaming,” a voice can be heard at the end of the video.

Reactions were mixed on social media.

“Another useless parent who thinks her kid is entitled to annoy the world. She ought to be fined heavily, that will make her do something next time,” one Facebook commentator wrote.

Said another: “Disgusting display by both child. and the mother for her lack of at least trying to ‘control’ her child.”

But others said “kids will be kids”.

“I’m sure it was annoying. Just wondering exactly how anyone thinks she could stop it? I’ve got one who would scream I’m sure so we just don’t fly anywhere. Other than sedation stopping a child screaming isn’t easy,” a Facebook user wrote.

I guess in my opinion, I would want to know what the mother had planned to keep the child occupied and quiet with.  Did the mother do all she could to keep this from happening?  She obviously knows he’s a screamer because people noted that the parent was calm the whole time.

Mom says to the Flight Attendant, “Let’s get the wifi going so we can get the IPAD going.” The plane hadn’t taken off yet.

Right there that tells me she’s unprepared.  She’s depending on ‘others’ (turning on the wifi) to calm her child.  The screaming child’s mother should have had movies already downloaded ready to play.  Or brought a DVD player with DVDs.






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