Did The FBI Know About The Florida Shooter But Did Nothing?

We all have costumes we wear in our daily lives.  The costume we put on daily determines what we are supposed to do.  Teachers do it.  Students have their own.  Parents have their own roles to play.

Nikolas Cruz Parkland Florida Shooter

The FBI also has their daily costumes to put on.  So why didn’t the FBI stop Nikolas Cruz before he put on his costume as the latest high school shooter?  The FBI was notified way in advance about Cruz threatening to shoot up his high school.

FBI Agents

Many students at the Parkland high school predicted who the shooter was even before authorities had a clue.

So the FBI had their costume on but failed to do the job that they were supposed to.

Reported by BuzzFeed News, the FBI was notified back in September after a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz left a comment about becoming a “professional school shooter.”

Ben Bennight, a YouTuber, so the comment left by a “Nikolas Cruz” on a video that read, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”

The Mississippi vlogger immediately emailed the FBI tip-line and was contacted by them the following day.

Flash forward and 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz murders 17 people in Florida on Wednesday and the FBI contacted the Bennight again in Mississippi. So the question still remains why didn’t the FBI track down (the “I’m going to be a professional school shooter”) who left the comment back in September and figure out if or when the “Nikolas Cruz” purchased the reported semi-automatic gun?

It would seem that the FBI should be held accountable and liable for this shooting in Florida (if) the “Nikolas Cruz” in September turns out the be the same from Parkland, Fl.

According to BuzzFeed, Special Agent Ryan Furr left the following voice mail: “I think we spoke with you in the past about a complaint that you made about someone making a comment on your YouTube channel. I just wanted to follow up with you on that and ask you a question with something that’s come up, if you wouldn’t mind giving me a ring.”

Bennight met up with the FBI agents on Wednesday, but they left after verifying he did not personally know the shooter.

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