Students Predicted Who The Parkland, Florida Shooter Was

“Everyone predicted it,” a student said about the shooting. -@WJXT

“Jillian Davis, 19, was in JROTC with the suspected shooter. She described him as quiet and shy, but with a short temper and bursts of anger. She said he was bullied and would joke about shooting places up.” – @emilybohatch

“The Adults need to pay attention to what kids say and watch for unstable behavior.” – @TunnelRatRanger

“Teachers then should have turned him over to the police & the courts as a potential threat this in its self societies fault Communication breakdown I guess we need laws to contend with mental illness” – @TunnelRatRanger

“I really hope this isn’t real.” A student describes her thoughts during the confusion after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida – @CNN

“Stoneman Douglas student Hector Navarro: ‘What I saw and heard was unbelievable…the bell went off and the next thing you know, you heard shots. And at that point, I knew it was no longer a drill. I knew it was like nothing I experienced before.'” – @CBSNews

“Expelled ‘gun-obsessed’ gunman who shot dead….” – @DailyMail

Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz is booked on 17 counts of premeditated murder.




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