A Suspicious Contract May Land Pierce Brosnan In Jail.

Former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan Threatened With Jail Time In India.  It has to do with a suspicious contract he signed endorsing ‘some’ products.


It seems Brosnan appeared in an advertisement promoting a company that sells mouth-freshening products, but the same company also sells products some of which contain tobacco.

Advertising tobacco products in India is illegal.

Brosnan, best known for portraying 007 in several James Bond films, was featured in the ad for Pan Bahar about 18 months ago and has claimed in the past that his inclusion in the advertisement was “unauthorized.”

In addition to possible jail time, Brosnan, 64 could face a small fine.

Members of the health department in Dehli, India, say they’ve reached out to Brosnan for an explanation, but have yet to receive a reply.

Brosnan initially addressed his image appearing in an ad in 2016 stating that he only signed on to promote one product, not the entire company, and was told the item he was encouraging did not contain tobacco or other dangerous products.

Brosnan lost his first wife, a daughter and several friends to cancer.

According to Brosnan, “As a man who has spent decades championing women’s healthcare and environmental protection, I was distressed to learn of Pan Bahar’s unauthorized and deceptive use of my image to endorse their range of products. I would never have entered into an agreement to promote a product in India that is dangerous to one’s health.”

The company, Pan Bahar, however, refutes Brosnan’s claim that they
deceived him. It also asserts the brand shouldn’t be connected to
tobacco and should instead be viewed as a mouth freshener.

Apparently, Brosnan will have to defend himself once again. I would think a good lawyer could have the contract dismantled and possibly sue the company for liable for using Brosnan’s image in ways he did not agree to. Perhaps this would also satisfy the government.

Brosnan is very well known for being an activist around the world. I’m sure this will be taken care of once and for all.

via Daily Prompt: Suspicious


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