Envelope With White Powder Substance Sends President Trump’s Daughter-in-law To The Hospital.

Mystery Envelope delivered to Donald Trump Jr.’s wife’s apartment.

Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald Trump Jr., opened a mysterious looking envelope delivered to their Manhattan apartment this morning to find a white powder substance.

Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald Trump Jr

Mrs. Trump began coughing and felt nauseated, so she called 911, as well as the Secret Service who protect them.

NYPD arrived with a hazmat team, but it was quickly determined it was not a hazardous material. It was sent to a lab for analysis. The exact nature of the powder has not yet been released.

Secret Service escorted Mrs. Trump to the hospital, as a precaution to be checked and was later released.

None of the Trumps 5 children were home at the time.

This is the 2nd time a mysterious envelope with white powder has been delivered to the home of one of the Trump children. Earlier in the year, a similar envelope was delivered to the home of Eric Trump, but it was not poisonous either.

Ivanka and Donald Jr., both made statements to the press. Donald Jr., said he was glad none of the children were home at the time. He also was angry and upset that someone would do such a thing. Ivanka stated, “There’s no excuse for what happened, and no one deserves to be frightened in this way.”

I would say they are both right, but when you have a controversial President for a father, it is not surprising.

Of course it was wrong, and hopefully, the Secret Service or NYPD will find the perpetrator.

I say it’s not surprising because we seem to be living in a time and place where more and more mean, frightful and disturbing events are happening on a daily basis.

It is always sad when someone’s home is violated in any way. And when something such as this happens, it’s wise to learn a lesson from it. I am sure the Secret Service will take precautions in the future to see this doesn’t happen again.

The reaction to this incident on social media mixed from prayers to wish of death.



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