Apparently, Earning Nearly $44 M Wasn’t Enough For This Ex-MLB Player He Had To Deal Cocaine/Heroin Too.

Former MLB pitcher Esteban Loaiza was arrested on Friday on three drug-related felony charges.


He is also facing felony charges of possessing and transporting illegal drugs with an intent to sell. Currently, Esteban is held at South Bay Detention Facility in San Diego.

The 46-year-old ex-MLB pitcher played for eight teams and played for 14 seasons. He played All-Star appearances with the Chicago White Sox two years in a row. He retired in 2008, finishing his career with 4.65 ERA in more than 2,000 innings pitched.

Just a few weeks ago, Esteban was meeting with fans at Sox Fest in Chicago.

The news of Estaban arrest had fans puzzled.

Guy made about 40 million in his career and selling drugs was his retirement? Wonder why? Sad – @EdMcDonald14

He made close to $45m in his career what the heck was he doing this for? Shoulda been chillin on a beach – @RGrandi

Well, we criticize some players for not adequately planning for life after their playing career is over. – @largebill68

Esteban is expected to appear in court Wednesday.


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