Signs To Let You Know You Are Becoming Your Parents

In the movie “Freaky Friday” Lindsey Lohan’s character switches bodies with Jamie Lee Curtis’ character.  The daughter literally becomes the mother.  In real life, it’s not that dramatic, but whether we want to or not we become our parents.

child becoming their parents

So there are a few signs to watch out for to let us know we’ve become our parents.

Like going early to a restaurant to avoid the crowds.  I’m guilty of this one.

And getting to school when we were young was really difficult.  I remember older people telling me this story a lot.

Or threatening your kids about having to pull the car over if they don’t start behaving.

Looking at the baby’s face, you can tell that being older is automatically causing embarrassment.

Or how about leaving your turn signals on for several miles and being completely okay with it.

And what about getting excited when a supermarket like Sprouts opens? Or maybe when Amazon bought Whole Foods?

LOL.  Or when getting a new appliance like a stove excites you and you start dancing sassy.

Worrying about everyone’s safety getting home.

You start collecting bags and containers for whatever reason.

I’m pretty sure this happens to a lot of people.  You say something and could swear it was your parent’s voice coming out of your mouth.



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