The Death Nail To Famous YouTuber Logan Paul.

The downfall of juvenile and controversial YouTube star Logan Paul just went into high gear, and I couldn’t be happier.  The world just made a little more sense to me today because YouTube just hit Logan right where it hurts the most – his wallet.

Logan Paul

So what happened this time for YouTube to decide to suspend Logan’s ad revenue?  The video channel says that it was due to his “recent pattern of behavior.”  The internet giant’s decision is certain to simplify the debate over Logan’s questionable behavior.

Real quickly, Logan apologized after showing a dead corpse form the suicide forest in Japan.   But many didn’t believe he was sincere or that he would change.

Then a ‘racist’ video emerges of Logan making fun of the Japanese culture.

People were so upset with the YouTube personality that they started a petition to delete his channel.  And he literally did not take the appeal seriously, even slightly making fun of the already 500,000 signed signatures.

So what sparked the YouTube’s decision to suspend the ad revenue to Logan’s channel?  It had something to do with tasering a dead rat in his most recent video and tormenting a sick koi fish in his pond.

Peta was also rightly upset with Logan’s actions tweeting, “All animals have the ability to suffer and feel pain in the same way that human beings do. 💔 Destroying and mocking the bodies of dead animals for shocking video content is never OK. Just imagine a person shooting a Taser at a deceased dog or cat. All animals deserve respect.”

And Peta continued, “Repeatedly, Logan Paul has shown a serious lack of respect for all animals, both human and nonhuman. Destroying and mocking the bodies of dead animals for shocking video content is never OK.”

With the suspension of Logan’s revenue source, will likely cause his influence on young kids to fade.  So the debate over the quality of his juvenile YouTube videos has just been simplified.

via Daily Prompt: Simplify


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