Spanking Someone Else’s Screaming Child

Two-year-old toddler grabbed and spanked by a stranger in a grocery store.  In his mind, the man just wanted to simplify the situation since the parent wasn’t able to.

Kroger Grocery Store

Wednesday, Feb. 8, James Morris was at the self-checkout line at a Kroger’s Grocery store in. Columbus, Ohio. His 2-year-old son was crying and kept asking for a candy bar. Morris kept refusing and trying to get checked out. Then, he got the biggest shock of his life.

A man who was standing by the child grabbed his arm, turned him around and spanked him on the bottom.

Of course, Morris grabbed his son but also went after the man. Store employees quickly separated the two and called the police.

Morris said,”I was just astonished that the guy decided to spank my son.”

The boy wasn’t harmed, but still, Dad was shocked.

When police arrived, they reported later that the man’s eyes were bloodshot, and he had a strong odor of alcohol. They tried to arrest him, but he resisted, even after they finally got him in the car, he kicked windows, and so officers took him to a hospital for a medical
check up, then to jail.

The man is awaiting trial for charges of disorderly conduct, child cruelty, and simple battery.

And Kroger has banned him from their stores under their “criminal trespassing” policy.

Thank goodness everyone seemed to keep a cool head, so the child was not traumatized, but it bears the question of, “What would you do?”

As a parent and a grandparent, I’m not sure I could remain as calm as the father did, although he did the right thing.

And yea, sometimes it’s annoying when a child is crying in the store, but we’ve all been there and had it happen.

It appears in this case, it was probably more about the stranger’s level of alcohol and lack of proper decision making that brought this all about.

But parents and guardians need to watch children in stores with them carefully. This could have turned out much worse than it did.

via Daily Prompt: Simplify


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