A Woman Was Horrified By What Was In Her Fresh Romaine Salad

When you think of a refreshing salad, you tend to think of freshness.  Containing things like romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onion, avocado, celery, and a few other delicious crispy, refreshing ingredients.

But what Michelle Carr found in her store-bought bag of romaine was anything but delicious, crispy, or refreshing.

Michelle Carr Finds Lizard in Her Bagged Salad

After munching down on a few tasty bites of her fresh made salad, Carr stuck her fork into what she thought was a slice of avocado, it wasn’t.  What she finally realized she stabbed into was a 3-inch lizard missing its tail.

All we can say is Ewww, that’s really gross!

Being a nurse, Carr was worried she may have ingested harmful bacteria.  She and her son were on several days salmonella watch.

Carr said she bought the lettuce at a local supermarket chain in Portsmouth, N.H. in late January. The spokesperson for the chain said it has notified the supplier.

Carr ended up calling the state Health Department who said if any investigation occurs, since it’s an out of state issue, the Food and Drug Administration would have to conduct it.

Here’s the video of Carr talking about her horrifying experience.

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