Woman Shares Frightening Bra Shopping Story, And Others Were Like Yep That’s Retail.

Shopping for a new bra is not a fun thing to do.  Every brand fits differently, and sizes can change when bodies fluctuate.

It’s a real ordeal to find the right bra.

Here’s a horrifying bra buying experience that makes you wonder if shoppers should be required to enroll in a course first.

A woman accidentally tried on another woman’s used bra.

Yes, this really happened.


Natalie shared her story about trying on a used bra.

Tried on a used bra at Primark

The internet was like yep, we’ve been there too.

Twitter users joined in and shared their retail stories.  Here’s one about trying on someone’s used shoe.

Used Shoe Story

Here’s a story about a girl monthly cycle and leaving her dirty clothes behind for the clerks to clean up.

Girl Has Her Period In Store

Made out with a bandit on this one.

4 ct Peridot Ring

Linda and Aurora tweeted that leaving behind used shoes were pretty common where they worked.

Leaving Used Shoes Behind


Grace shared a story about when she worked retail at a kids clothing store.  She had to deal with dirty diapers.


Thrift stores are whole other stories, changing clothes without a dressing room.

No changing room required

Scott B talks about people doing unmentionables in the dressing rooms.


Charlotte never figured out what that wet stuff was that she put her hands into.

What's this wet thing I just put my hands into?

Here’s one about finding poop in a shoe box.

used shoes with feces in box

Callum Johnstone tweeted about trying on clean underwear and leaving soiled ones behind for others to buy.

dirty underwear story

And of course, you knew there had to be a story about urine.  Here’s one from ‘b’.

urine story

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