‘Anti-homeless’ Bars Are Finally Being Removed Due To Public Outcry

Around 20 people enrolled to sleep outside to bring awareness to homeless veterans in a seaside resort town in England.

The noble cause was part of eight other teams doing the same in towns and cities across the United Kingdom.


This happened along with 16,000 signatures gathered requesting the seaside town city council to remove ‘anti-homeless’ bars off of benches.  These metal bars are placed smack in the middle of benches to keep the homeless from laying down.

One person wrote, “Slow hand clap for latest Design Crime! This piece of repulsive is being added to all the benches to prevent homeless from sleeping! Another gross design against humanity! They’ll be taking homeless people’s bags next… Oh, wait they already are :(.”

Both Bournemouth and Poole councils have come under fire for their treatment of the homeless. Known as ‘rough sleepers,’ people sleeping outside could be fined in Poole.

Meanwhile, in Bournemouth, the team made the benches a welcoming place versus a hostile one.

After listening to the backlash Bournemouth city council reversed their decision and planned on removing the bars off of the benches.

Tweeting, “After listening to feedback, we’ve revised our decision on the issue of the bars on the benches in the town center.”


via Daily Prompt: Enroll


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