How Social Media Can Change Someone’s Life For The Better

I admit it.  I’ve been a social media whore since I started my blog about six months ago.  Trying to find interesting topics and what is being discussed on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram was the reason for my interest in these platforms.

But today I came across a post that really touched me, and the reason why is something beautiful and new to me.

This woman pictured below showed me how social media can change peoples lives for the better.

Christine Sydelko on Twitter

Through social media, we have the permit to look into another person’s life.   Sometimes for the worse, other times for the better.   And get a glimpse of what challenges they may have gone through.  This was one of those better moments.  And it was such a simple thing that transformed Christine Sydelko life that endeared her to me so much.

Her being so appreciative of the response to her make-up is really what got me.  It was especially touching that she “cried” you-all.

Christine writes, “I posted a photo of me wearing makeup on Instagram today, and there are TWENTY THOUSAND comments on it, and almost every single one is positive. As someone who has been made fun of for their looks their entire life that means so much to me I’m literally crying lol thank you.”

Christine Sydelko On Positive Feedback

So all the positive feedback on her makeover caused her to cry.  It really made me feel happy and sad for her that she was made fun of all her life.  And positive feedback on social media, I pondered, helped to change her outlook on herself.  I know it made me see the beautiful person inside as well as outside.

So without further delay here’s what Christine looked like with make-up.

View this post on Instagram

lol thanks for the makeover @mannymua733

A post shared by Christine Sydelko (@csydelko) on

I think she looks stunning and I am especially appreciative that she permitted me to see her as a loving and sensitive person.  The best part is she wasn’t ‘trying’ to manipulate the situation that way.

Comments included, “You look beautiful with the makeup on girly.”

And here’s one that called Christine ‘hot.’  I’m not sure what the pizza emoji means though.  The flames were pretty clear.

Another twitterer wrote, “You are a queen!!! Don’t forget that❤️

Christine’s raw vulnerability is what is so beautiful about this transformation.  This is actually the first time I really liked social media.

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