Here Are Some Of The Best Responses To Justin Timberlake’s Performance From Super Bowl LII.

Justin Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl last night during the halftime show.  There were some cheers for his performance and some jeers too.  But we found that these were the most entertaining responses.

Justin Timberlake Performs Super Bowl Halftime

A “monument to underachievement.”


He’s constantly trying to top his blue jeans head to toe outfit.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears

Hoping Justin makes a slip and brings sexy back.


What about that kid and Justin trying to take a selfie?


A comment about his clothes being inspired by Urban Outfitters.

Justin Timberlake fashion sense

The selfie kid seemed distracted even with Justin singing is going on.


Prince is going to rise from the earth and haunt Justin.


Were people expecting Justin to show a nipple?

Justin Timberlake flashes nipples

Would Prince have been happy that his image was used by JT?

Justin and Prince performance at Super Bowl

Where were the rest of NYSNC?

looking for NSYNC

That outfit of his got a lot of attention.

Justin Timberlake's outfit at the Super Bowl

A threat to Justin Timberlake haters.

Stop complaining about Justin Timberlake's performance

How does he do it all?  Cause, God created him that way.

Justin Timberlake Performance

Who the heck is Justin Timberlake again?

googling Justin Timberlake







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