Chemistry Professor And Father Of Three Arrested By ICE.

Chemistry Adjunct Professor, Syed Ahmed Jamal, 55, was getting ready to take his children to school this past Wednesday, when he was met on his front lawn by ICE guards, handcuffed in front of his children and taken into custody. He is currently detained in an Immigration holding cell in Morgan County, MO.

Syed Ahmed Jamal and kids

Jamal came to the US on a student Visa received his degrees, then became a green card holder to work. He has lived in the US for 30 years. Never committed a crime.

At one time when his visa lapsed, he was brought before a judge in 2012, and the judge said since he had made significant contributions and was a positive role model, he would issue him another green card, which he still holds, but just to check in with Immigration once a year. Which Jamal had continued to do. He has been trying to become a citizen, but like his brother, who became a citizen, said, “it’s not as easy as some
people think.”

While he is detained, friends, neighbors, school officials, everyone who knows him has helped hire a lawyer, have written letters and petitions, and doing everything they can to help his family of wife and three children. His wife cannot work at this time because she
recently donated a kidney to someone. Jamal is Muslim, but being a US-educated, liberal secular Muslim, he most likely faces persecution by Radical Islamist Extremist if sent back to Bangladesh.

About two weeks ago, a Michigan father, two years too old for DACA, had lived in US, also with working green card, never any arrests, family man, and community volunteer was sent back to Mexico.

A polish Doctor, in the US since a child, here 40 years, also with a working green card, was detained and deported supposedly for two misdemeanors as a teenager. That made him a criminal in the eyes of Immigration. Even after saving many lives during his time as a doctor.

So, what’s going on with these deportations? The government said they would be going after those with criminal records, those “drug dealers, and rapists.”

But people who are hard working family men seem to be the ones being detained and deported?

Easier to find than criminals? I guess if you work in a hospital as a licensed doctor, yes, you’d be easier to find than a drug dealer on the streets.

Or the family man from Michigan, restaurant owner for 30 years. Well, yes, he’d be easier to fin as well.

And a professor who teaches chemistry at Park University in Kansas City to nursing students, as well as doing research at various hospitals in the area, would be easier to find.

So is this what the deportations are all about? Looks to me like we’re sending away some of the best people, rather than help them get through the process of becoming citizens.

ICE recently raided several 7-11 stores across the nation to find only one person without a visa. That really worked, huh?

Yes, I would love for them to arrest members of M-13, the merciless gang members, mostly on both coasts. Are they so hard to find? There are lots of news reports of them taking credit for murders, yet no one can locate them? Maybe because they have guns as big as ICE and ordinary people don’t?

Get rid of all the REAL criminals you can find. That’s a good thing. But leave honest, hard working family people alone!



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