YouTube’s Logan Paul Comeback Message Stirs Controversy.

It’s been about a month since YouTube star Logan Paul has been in hiding and he’s announced his comeback with much fanfare.  This has left many very angry.

Logan Paul the return

Logan who has over 16 million subscribers to his channel, most being very young kids got into trouble last month for posting a suicide victim from Japan’s Suicide Forest.  Within days another video surfaced showing Logan disrespecting the Japanese culture by dressing up as a geisha.

People were upset at the YouTuber for exposing something so tragic as a suicide, showing the actual body hanging to his very young audience.  The question remains whether his audience of children will still watch his daily vlog with anticipation.

After the suicide video surfaced, and the backlash began, Logan made his public apologies and went on hiatus for about a month.     Most people questioned just how real his excuse was.  But with his announced comeback people are upset again at the teaser, “the return.”

One Twitterer responded that Logan is treating his comeback just like a reality television show.

Another person wrote, “Apparently thinks a month is enough time passing that you’ll forget he filmed the body of a suicide victim, edited that film, and then published it to make money off other people viewing the body, too.”

“No need to return back to this platform, just like you can’t return the privacy you robbed from that man and his family just for the views. What a lack of respect.” wrote another person.

While Sophie didn’t mince words over Logan’s return. “WHAT KIND OF F@CKERY- the man makes a vlog filming a dead person and laughing, and he does THIS as an impact comeback??? f@ck off.”

“HMMM I think this was too much for your return to youtube!!!” wrote Jerry Quinonez.

But it seems his fan base is eagerly awaiting Logan’s return.  Given that most are preadolescent teens Logan’s popularity may be more intact than most adults would like.



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