Beautiful and Flawed, It’s Time To Forgive.

What an unusual creature we are.   Made in the image of our Creator, yet ‘we’ are still so imperfect.  We make mistakes and looking back we ask ourselves why did I do that?  Carrying the guilt of many past transactions.


We often find that it is ourselves that we hold the most accountable.  Finding it challenging to let go of our past mistakes.

We see the shortcomings of others, but putting reasons behind their actions makes it easy to let go of past hurts.  We don’t walk in their shoes.  We don’t know what they might be going through.  They may have had a hard life.  Maybe they were abused as a child. Maybe there’s a family illness.   There are endless reasons we can come up with.  But for ourselves, we have little excuses.

And when I learned to forgive others, it made my life better.  Why? Because it made it easier for me to let go of the ‘guilt’ that haunted me.

Forgiving others, I found, made it easier to learn to forgive oneself

After all, we are an imperfect creature. So what else can we do but forgive?


via Daily Prompt: Creature


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