Sweet Dog Handled ‘Roughly’; Groomer Gets Fired

It’s hard not to sympathize with this sweet dog after watching a viral video taken at a PetSmart grooming center.

Dog abused by PetSmart Groomer

The video shows a Houston associate grooming Boo, a Shih Tzu, in an extremely rough manner at PetSmart.

Luckily the groomer was caught on video by another shopper in the store who was there to buy dog food.

Terah Leder noticed the groomer’s peculiar behavior and decided to start recording the incident.

PetSmart Dog Grooming Abuse

“She was getting more aggressive and more angry. It was like she was disturbed. She was upset about something. I started recording because I was getting upset and I wanted to have proof so I could take action. To show somebody that this is happening,” Leder said.

Ledger started banging on the glass once the groomer became more aggressive with Boo.

“She was appalled. She didn’t know what to do. She was just looking around, like oh my God, what just happened? I made eye contact with her and said, ‘I saw you,’ with my lips,” Leder said.

The witness was so upset at the abuse that she stuck around to find Boo’s owner and show her the video.

“That’s what I hope somebody would do for me, for my dog. That’s my fur baby. If anyone put their hands on my dog the wrong way, we would have a serious issue,” Leder said.

Boo’s owner, Brooke Vowers, was visibly upset and uploaded the video to her Facebook page.

“Just took my dog to get groomed and as I’m walking out this lady comes up to me and said she’s been waiting for an hour to see who’s dog this was because of how mean the groomer was to her and that she called corporate . She sent me this video i am sick to my stomach about it and will not be going back !!!!!!!!!hope CHARLOTTE BARNES enjoys the video of her wonderful service PLEASE SHARE”

“I was so mad about it, I posted the video. I want to warn people so they know that, hey, you might think your dog is in great care but not the case,” Vowers said.

Petsmart released the following statement:

“This treatment is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The associate is no longer with PetSmart.”

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  1. This one of my fears!!!! I have a small maltese mix. I always feel so guilty when I leave my dog at the groomer’s. Behind closed doors…who knows what’s going on? Fortunately,
    PetSmart has glass windows and the groomer’s behavior was able to be caught on tape! So horrible!!!! Very sad!!!!! Glad the witness had the courage to step up!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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