The Kiss Heard Around The World

Their eyes met, check.  The man had his shirt off laying there expectantly.  Their lips entwined, check. Wait, was there any tongue involved?


Tom Brady kissing his son for such a long time gave many chills down their spine, while others say it was no big deal.

Social media users were quick to respond.

“On one hand, it’s nice that Tom Brady and his son can show each other affection in a healthy, personal way,” Arizona Jonah tweeted. “On the other hand, that’s a loooong time for an 11-year-old to be kissing his dad on the mouth I don’t even make eye contact with my parents for that long.”

“Tom Brady is one of my five favorite people (including family members), but him making his son come back and kiss him on the lips for a longer time because his first lip kiss wasn’t long enough is some very very disturbing #content,” a fan wrote.

Another fan tweeted “People throwin’ shade at Tom Brady for kissing his 11-year-old son on the lips. It’s not for me. But I get parents/families show affection in different ways. So what’s the cut-off age for that kind of stuff? No, I do not have kids. Yes, I kiss my dog on the lips.”

“Ok, the fact that everyone is turning this Tom Brady son kiss into a big deal shows a little sliver of what’s wrong with this country. That’s his son and nothing wrong with it. I think if we all were a little more loving (and affectionate) it would a better place,” Larry Abshire wrote.

Another fan wrote, “Huge Tom Brady fan. Huge. But that long kiss w his son was disturbing/uncomfortable as f.”

After studying the Tom Brady/son kiss I can conclusively say there was no tongue involved, so it’s all okay.


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