Puzzled By India’s Preference For Boys

Sex-Selective abortions have found their way to India. But before that process began, it is estimated there are 21 million girls in India not wanted and not being taken care of.

Maybe this leaves you as puzzled as it does me.

India Children

The Finance Ministry reported couples just kept having children until they had a boy, and no one knows what happened to all the girls that were born unwanted.

Authors of the Economic Survey found that over 63 million women from India’s population are missing because of sex-selection abortions and more care is given to boys.

Tests to determine a fetus’s sex is illegal in India but is still being done and leading to more and more sex-selection abortions.

Some cultural reasons were listed for son preference such as property passing onto sons, not daughters; families of girls having to pay dowries to see their daughters married and women moving to their husband’s houses after marriage.

In some areas, it was found there were 1,200 boys under 7-years-old for every 1,000 girls in the same age range.

One newspaper has taken to listing scientifically unfounded “tips” for conceiving boys, such as facing the west while sleeping and have sex on certain days of the week.

Sounds like some of the “old wives tales” of yesteryear.

It is always sad when anyone chooses to destroy a child. And what has happened to all those millions of girls born that no one seems to know about? Were they given to good homes? Adopted out to good families? Murdered?

Every life, whether male or female is essential.

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