Apparently, You Can’t Drive Around With Four Tons Of Oranges.

Police pull over two cars driven strangely and discover that the drivers had stolen four tons of oranges.  That’s about 9000 pounds.

Seriously, they were stealing citrus of all things.


Spanish police noticed the two cars being driven very close to each other.  When they tried to pull the cars over, the drivers led them on a chase down a dirt road.

After the officers approached the two cars, they noticed oranges were packed in both vehicles. The police also found a van in the area packed with the same citrus.

Police ended up arresting five but were puzzled at how the vehicles were so full of oranges.  The suspects tried telling officers they were “coming from very far away and had been stopping and collecting oranges along the way,” Europa Press reports.

So what were they planning on doing with all these oranges?  The drivers say they planned on eating them. However, the Seville police said the suspects didn’t carry the required documents to transport so many oranges.

I like oranges a lot, but four tons?  The citrus is sweet and packed with vitamin C.  They are healthy for you, but there’s no way to consume that many oranges before they start spoiling.

Now ‘orange’ you glad you know?

via Daily Prompt: Puzzled


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