How Some ‘Dirty Dancing’ Landed People In Jail For Six Months

If you plan to visit a country outside the United States, it might be a good idea to find out what you could be arrested for. It’s very apparent to 10 young tourists now sitting in jail in Cambodia that what they thought was just dancing, laughing and having fun, can and
did get them arrested.

Tourist jailed in Cambodia for Pornographic Dancing

A group of tourists, from various countries, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom, forgot to read the rules.

The group who were staying in a rented villa in Siem Reap organized a sort of “pub crawl.”

A photo, uploaded to their social media pages, shows over 90 people, wearing clothing, but some in shorts and bikinis, and were laughing, while they rolled around on the floor and mimed various sexual positions.

At first, around 90 people were arrested, but all but the 10 who are accused of organizing the pub crawl remain in jail where they will stay for about 6 months before their case is seen in court. Then they could receive up to a year sentence if convicted.

Prisoners claim they’re innocent and confused. “We don’t know why we were arrested and we’re getting different stories from different people.”

“We cracked down on them because they were committing activities that against our culture,” Duong Thavry, head of Anti-human Trafficking and Juvenile Protectors Department.

The Canadian Federal Travel Advisory page clearly warns visitors of Cambodia to “Dress conservatively, behave discreetly, respect religious traditions and avoid offending local sensitivities.”

In other words, it’s not OK to do shit like that in other countries.


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