Did You Have Any Crazy Rules Growing Up? Well Here Are Some Batshi*t Crazy Ones.

OK. We all had “house rules” growing up. Curfews. Bedtime rules. Out after dark in the summertime rules. Calling parents when we arrived someplace, etc.

But for reasonable versus insanely strict parents there seems to be a massive cavity between these rules.

Here are some REALLY strict parents with “Batsh*t Crazy Rules.”

Rules are Rules

A poll was taken via Instagram, and the responses to the question, “How strict were your parents” just might make your parents look like the most normal parents you’ve ever known.

MRDWIGHTSHRUTE’s mother wouldn’t let him open a new carton of milk. If the one in the frig was empty and there was extra milk in the garage fridge, he had to call his mom and ask permission to open it. Yes, really. Once when he was at a friend’s house, and the friend started to open a new gallon of milk, he freaked out and told him he had to call his mom to get permission. The friend said, “ummmm…..my mom’s OK if I need a glass of milk.” “That’s when I realized my mom was a control freak,” he said.

Human8837 wasn’t allowed to talk in cars. Ever. “It wasn’t until I was an adult and was with friends in cars, and immediately went silent, that I realized that’s not a typical rule.

Another said, “Dad was in charge of the mail. No matter what time he came home, no one was allowed to take the mail out of the mailbox. And when he was away on business, Mom was allowed to remove it from the mailbox and immediately put it on his desk. And he would KNOW if anyone had touched it.” Little OCD there Dad?

Another said his parents didn’t just have an “open bedroom door for teens policy,” the door of the teenagers in the house were removed entirely. Oh hell no!

The sixth one on the poll said his mother was so paranoid about her kids being kidnapped, that she forbid them to be outside when the mailman came.  She went so far as to tell them it was illegal to be outside when the mailman came. Maybe a “little” batsh*t crazy?

A Harry Potter fan’s grandmother made him write down the entire encyclopedia entry on witchcraft when she found out he’d read the first four books. Seriously, Grandma, it’s a fairy tale!

And last but not least, ever been grounded for so long your parents forgot what they grounded you for? A teen was grounded for over a year before he finally approached his parents and asked if his grounding could be over. They said yes because they’d forgotten why they even grounded him. Yes. It happened. (And I will say for this kid, he must
have had a lot of patience or been deathly afraid of his parents because there’s no way I could have waited more than a month to ask!)

So there you have it. Kinda makes your parents’ rules seem pretty reasonable, huh?

via Daily Prompt: Cavity


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