Parents Are Infuriated At This New School Procedure

Parents are quite adamant about how they feel, and nothing will stifle their response.   At this one school, the walls of the girl’s bathroom have been removed allowing for a quick glance to see if anyone is hanging out in there.

Wall removed from girl's bathroom

St. Mary’s College in the UK removed the wall in an attempt to reduce truancy and smoking in the cubicles.

The parents of students are outraged and have decided to keep their daughters at home until the walls are returned.

A picture of the Independent shows the missing wall into the girl’s bathroom.

The school says the new design is to keep students from hiding between classes, but students are saying they feel “unsafe and scared.”

During a parents’ information session at the school, Tara Hodgon Jones saw the revamped bathrooms and wasn’t happy. She said she would keep her daughter home.

“My sister and neighbors are doing the same with their daughters,” Ms. Hodgson Jones added.

Jones also worried about her younger son since there were plans to do the same thing to the boy’s bathrooms.

“Apparently they are starting on the boys’ toilets next week, so I’ll be keeping my son off too if they do the same,” she said.

“We tried to talk to my son’s head of year about it but he said he couldn’t comment and that we would have to make an appointment with the head teacher on Monday, which we will be doing.

“I want this resolved — my daughter sits her GCSEs [Year 11 exams] this year so this is an extreme measure on my part.”

Jones wants the school to come up with another way to fight truancy, bullying, and smoking.

“If the problem is bullying, smoking and skipping class they could have approached it in so many other ways,” she said.

“My daughter was bullied in Year 10 and that was in the classroom, the yard, and the lunch hall, so thinking that taking a toilet wall down will stop it is stupid.

“As for smoking, put alarms in. As for skipping class, use frosted glass so teachers can see shapes when they walk past.

“My daughter feels scared and unsafe — it’s shocking.”

@SuffolkRoyal tweeted, “People who run our education system are, supposedly, intelligent, sensible people.  So whatever possesses them to think that something like this will ever be acceptable to parents?  It’s like they’re constantly looking for ways to be controversial.  Pathetic.”

Twitter Response to No Bathroom Walls

Other person wrote, “Does this mean that when they do the same for the boys, the urinals will be in full view of anyone walking past?”

Twitter Response to No Bathroom Walls

However, some folks didn’t feel the change was that big of a deal.  @Ellageo46867290 wrote, “There are doors to the cubicles, it’s not like in China where I had to squat in front of everyone! I’m a leftie and I’m calling these kids and parents snowflakes!”

Twitter Response to No Bathroom Walls

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