Megyn Kelly Takes On “Hanoi Jane” Fonda

So I have to say the Jane Fonda, Megyn Kelly tit-for-tat just went to a whole other level of fun and excitement.  I debated whether to write about this or not, but then I just decided to do it.

Megyn Kelly Takes On Jane Fonda

What makes this so darn fun is because Kelly is now fighting back, and wow she hits back hard and she goes low.  Just the way I like a good battle.

Now I could say that Kelly is so juvenile with her attack and that she should take the high road and learn from Jane Fonda’s critique.  But then, I would be lying because Kelly has finally stood up for herself and it’s the kind of drama that makes life fun.

It all started when Fonda came on Kelly’s show to promote her new movie about aging back in September.  Kelly brought up the subject of plastic surgery, and you could see Fonda’s face in shock at the question.  I have to admit I was slightly amused that Fonda had that reaction to the question.  At this point, I was cheering for Fonda.

Now months have passed since that encounter and Fonda wouldn’t give it a rest.  She brought the questioning by Kelly up again and again.  Not that she didn’t bring it up repeatedly the first time around; which made me very amused.

But I assumed that Kelly would sit and take the beating and discipline of a child, but how wrong I was.  Here she is with the smackdown of Fonda.  She used the word “fixated” which was a brilliant way to describe Fonda’s repeated bashing of her.

Here’s Kelly response to Fonda.

Kelly brings to the topic of “Hanoi Jane,” which was about Fonda protesting the Vietnam War.  She sided with the North Vietnamese and berated American soldiers.  Even going as far as posing with an antiaircraft gun used to shoot down American pilots.

Hanoi Jane with North Vietnamese

Kelly continues, “She called our soldiers hypocrite and liars… and their torture as understandable.”

Hanoi Jane

So let’s see if Megyn wins this battle or if Fonda does.  I’ll be watching to see if Fonda will repeat and complain anymore about the plastic surgery question.  Kelly’s explanation of the situation was pretty tight and left not much open for Fonda.  If Fonda says anything, it’ll likely look bad on the actress bringing up more memory of “Hanoi Jane.”

The question is will this hurt Kelly’s Today show?  There are rumors that other actors won’t want to appear on her show now.  That the NBC executives are in hot water.  “The View” women attacked Kelly for the slapback.  Bottom line I think is if Kelly’s ratings continue to climb no one will really care one way or the other.  It’s all about ratings. But I don’t think Fonda will appear on Kelly’s show anytime soon.





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