How To Battle Thinning Hair And In Other Areas

I did some research (mainly watching YouTube videos), and I’ve learned quite a bit about growing hair where was no hair and also increasing hair for thinning hair.

Thinning Hair

In recent years I noticed my hair wasn’t as thick as it use to be but I wasn’t sure if I could do anything about it.  In my twenties, I actually thought about doing a hair transplant to lower my hairline.

Most of my obsession with thicker hair is more vanity than necessity.  People have said I have nice hair, and at one point they said my hair was thick when I had grown it out.  I was never really satisfied with it, however; wishing it was more abundant on top.

Recently, I began watching more videos on YouTube.  It’s amazing what information is out there.  Everything from building confidence, improving your life, and yes, growing hair.

Another area of thinness that I’ve always hated was my eyebrows.  They are extremely thin, and they stopped growing about two-thirds of the way.

Watching random videos on YouTube, I came across one about men who couldn’t grow full facial hair using Minoxidil to grow hair.  The drug is meant for the hair area and not for the face area.   Here’s a video similar to what I watched.

After watching the changes to facial hair, I immediately thought maybe I could grow thicker and full-length eyebrows instead of one that suddenly stops 2/3 of the way.

So hopefully I will be able to share with everyone that my eyebrows did grow fuller and longer.  I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t if it works for filling out beards.

Afte I started rubbing Minoxidil on my eyebrows, I wasn’t still satisfied.  I wanted thicker fuller hair on my scalp.  Again, a pure vanity thing.  But luckily I ran across this video about a 19-year-old going bald and heard of a way to grow his hair back.

Since this is a prescription, I quickly scheduled my annual physical and also asked for a supply of Finasteride also known as generic Propecia.

I started taking that today.  I have to admit I’m excited about the potential for growing thicker hair.  Now I just need to hit the gym regularly again and shed a few pounds.

The results of the eyebrow and scalp will take anywhere from 2-months to a year to notice the increase.



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