First Love And The Grinch That Stole It.

For many the images that come to mind of that first love is in school.  In this silhouette, a boy and a girl are holding hands.  And they are definitely school aged.

Boy and girl holding hands

Now put that endearing image out of your mind, cause there’s a Grinch that stops this from happening.

According to Toby Belfield, Head Teacher at a private, coeducational boarding school in the UK, students should not be in a romantic relationship during their high school years. Belfield, “strongly advises” student to review romance or face a poor university reference!

Remember your first high school romance? Most of us look back on those with fond memories. A sort of “right of passage” for finally being old enough to date. I doubt any of us, then or now, would think of it ruining our opportunity for getting into a good university.

But Head Master Belfield is warning students getting involved in a romantic relationship will receive a poor reference from him. “School is not the place for a romantic relationship,” said Belfield.

Belfield also stated that, “students in a romantic relationship would be likely in danger of academically underachieving.”

Belfield recently sent an email to staff saying he expected them to be vigilant against any budding romantic relationships and to report those students to him because he has started a list of those students and they will likely receive poor references.

Of course, the email to staff was leaked to local media. And Belfield’s opinions and demands have struck a chord in the UK. And not a good one.

Some messages from online:

“Pupils need to remind the Head Teacher in Ruthin School that it’s none of his business.”

Patrick White wrote, “The leaked note was a critical lesson. “Always think how a controversial email sent within your organization (that you know won’t be popular) will look in the media when someone inevitably leaks it.”

Chris LePoindevin stated he had been academically underachieved because he drowned his sorrows of not having a romantic relationship with alcohol. Chris said, “Maybe Mr. Belfield should trust his students to prioritize.”

My personal opinion is that a romantic relationship might actually give students a better grade average. They would tend to hopefully study together. They would perhaps be happier, therefore more likely to work harder in school.

And I don’t know how civil rights work in the UK or even different rules for private schools, but I would think to order students not to have a romantic relationship might be against their civil rights.

And we all know, order a teenager NOT to do something for the reason that doesn’t make sense to them or anyone else, is only going to make more of them want to have a romantic relationship! That’s just how it works with teenagers!

Perhaps Head Master Belfield might want to think about teaching in a non-coeducational school setting. Maybe a school of only one sex might help him to not be so distracted from teaching and heading up a good college because of his intense dislike and disapproval of high school romance!

via Daily Prompt: Silhouette


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