A Doctor That Goes The Extra Mile – Literally.

In today’s world where it sometimes seems doctors are always in a rush, never have time for patients on a personal level, not the time to answer questions, one doctor in Atlanta, GA, proves that theory wrong.

Doctor Holding Baby Patient

Recently, Atlanta Had a highly unusual amount of snowfall and ice. Roads were impassable. Schools were closed. Non-essential government offices were closed.

But of course, hospitals never close.

When Dr. Dean McKenzie, Chief of Cardiology Therapy Surgery realized there was no way he could get to the hospital but one, he did just that.

Dr. McKenzie made the one-mile trek to the hospital on foot. Now one mile may not seem like very much unless you’re walking through snow and treacherous ice, but it couldn’t have been easy.

Laura Beck, the mother of Madden, one of Dr. McKenzie’s patients, wasn’t surprised at all. “Of course he did,” said Beck. “It exemplifies the type of person he is.”

Dr. McKenzie performed open heart surgery on Madden in December. The child is still at the hospital recovering and going through therapy.

Beck said when she and her husband first met Dr. McKenzie, they knew right away they could trust him with their son’s life.

And as for the good doctor walking through snow and ice to get to Madden? “It speaks volumes about his character,” said Beck.

It also shows what a dedicated doctor will do for his patients. You know. Like in the old days.


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