Helping Children To Read: Andrew Luck

He may be dominant on the field, but he’s using that star power to help kids learn to love reading.

NFL Quarterback Andrew Luck

Most generally, one might not associate Indianapolis Quarter Back, Andrew Luck, as heading up a book club. But we would be wrong.

Long before Luck was reading playbooks, he was reading books, all the time. “I don’t have a conscious memory of the first time I picked up a book, but I always remember enjoying reading, and there were always books in our home,” said Luck.

And what did he love about reading as a child? “The same things as I do today,” he said. “You learn really cool stuff, and reading requires you to shut everything else off. And I enjoy that.”

Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck

Now, Luck is sharing that part of his life more formally. The Andrew Luck Book Club will celebrate its second year anniversary in April. The club is based on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, making interaction with readers possible.

“I just chose a book or two books, a rookie and a veteran book, once a month. I try to keep it simple,” Luck said of his selections. “By sharing what I’m reading, I thought it might be a fun way to encourage people who wouldn’t read, to pick it up and read.”

Luck has begun doing podcasts to talk to authors and said ‘it’s a thrill and he’s become a fanboy.” “And there’s mutual respect and affection.

But Luck says one of the most impactful things for him is the opportunity to go to a classroom or nursery school and read with or to kids. “The majority of the kids have no idea who I am when I walk into a room. Well, maybe some older ones.”

But he said as soon as he starts reading, it’s all about the book.

“Part of the job is to make sure you are doing something positive with the platform you’ve been given.” “I love sharing my love of reading to anyone who needs encouragement, wants to talk about a book on facebook, twitter, etc.”

So if you’re interested, look Andrew up on one of those social media pages. Join his monthly book club. If you’re a Luck fan, it might be fun to see what he’s reading!

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