The Iconic “Badass” Leather Motorcycle Jacket

I was a bit tardy getting this story out today for the Daily Prompt.  But Here it is anyway: The iconic leather jacket.

Marlon Brando "The Wild One"

OK, who doesn’t remember Henry Winkler’s character in “Happy Days?” Wearing an iconic leather motorcycle jacket? But did you know, when The Fonz made his debut in the first year of the show, he was wearing a light blue jacket? That’s right. I saw episodes of him wearing the jacket, and let me tell you, he was not “The Fonz” until he came back the next year in a leather jacket!

The infamous leather jackets first came to public attention in 1953, when Marlon Brando, and his motorcycle gang wore them in the movie, “The Wild Ones.”

Makers of the jackets could hardly keep up with sales after the movie came out. Everyone wanted one.

But why were they banned from schools?

As COO Jason Schott said, “The visceral reaction really does seem to transform the wearer to a “badass.”

Motorcycle Jacket

The company started selling the leather jackets first to the military before they started becoming popular with the public.

The Schott Company was founded in 1913 by two brothers, Jack and Irving Schott. Originally they made fur-lined raincoats.

But the two brothers were the first to add zippers to the leather jackets in 1920. Irving named it, “The Perfecto,” after his favorite cigar.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Jason stated,”it’s important for the company today to stay true to their heritage. Rather than focus on runways, we always look to our past for inspiration.”

And at a higher cost of production, the company factory remains in New York City. Along with the “Schotts Company” logo, another logo that is also sewn into the inside of the jacket is, “Made in America.”

Jason said, “I couldn’t even imagine disappointing my great grandfather by taking the company offshore.”

He also stated that he is confident the next generation, the 5th, will be joining the company and keeping it going just as strong as the ones who built it.

So go ahead. Wear you classic leather jacket! You just might come from a long line of “badasses” and didn’t know it!

via Daily Prompt: Tardy


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