Matt Lauer’s Wife Kicks Him Out Of Their Main Home

I always thought Matt Lauer was cocky.  He was overpaid, and his career was something I wanted at one point many years ago.  Being candid there’s probably a bit of jealousy there on my part, but I’m glad he’s not getting away with much these days.

Lauer comes across as a guy who gets the cake and wants to eat another person’s cake also.

Annette Roque and Matt Lauer

Lauer was axed from NBC in November 2017 after more than two decades anchoring the “Today” show. When details of his alleged sexual misconduct and harassment became public.

And it seems that he’s not only paying for it in his career but also in his marriage.

According to Page Six, Matt Lauer’s wife has officially booted him from their Hamptons estate. This particular home is where Annette Roque and their children spend most of their time.

Lauer and Roque have had a nontraditional marriage for years.  Living separate lives.  But since being fired from “Today,” he has been staying with the family in the Hamptons.

Now Roque has put a stop to that living arrangement, and I personally think it’s about time.  Lauer will eventually land on his feet, even though he will likely not be a newscaster any longer.  But he has made $200 million over his career.  Even in a divorce keeping half of that would get anybody’s life on track.

When I heard his wife kicked him out of the house, I thought there’s some justice in the world.  He ruined a lot of women’s broadcasting careers over the years and karma is a bitch.

via Daily Prompt: Candid


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