Top 10 Amusing Signs From The Women’s March

Millions of women participated in the march.  Many were holding up some pretty funny signs.  Here are ten that took the cake.

“I want a POTUS without a penis!”

“I’d call Trump a C**T, but he lacks depth and warmth.”

Playing on the Empire Strikes Back.  “The Fempire Strikes Back.”

“I wish men believed in women as much as they believe in BITCOIN.”

“Where the F**K do I even Start.”

Playing of the Mary Poppins song, “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

“Super, Callous, Fascist, Racist, Sexist, Nazi, Potus.”

“Without Hermione Harry would have died in book one.”

Bring back full sentences

“Bring back full sentences” was one hinting at Trump’s constant tweeting.

God is coming and she is pissed

“God is coming, and she is pissed.”


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