When Visiting The Holy Land, Some Are Going Missing

Imagine going to Jerusalem where many biblical stories occurred and having such a reaction that you disappear in a blink of an eye.

Jesus Moses and Elijah

Until today, I have never heard of something called, “The Jerusalem Syndrome” and I’m willing to bet not too many other people have as well.

It seems that when some very religious people visit Jerusalem, they come under psychotic delusions known as Jerusalem Syndrome. These very religious people visiting the city suffer various psychotic religious delusions. Some even come to believe they are figures from the Bible.

One such man is a very devout Christian, Oliver McFee from Dromore, Ireland. Last seen on November 21, 2017.

Oliver McFee missing in Jerusalem

Israeli authorities are working with Interpol and the UKFO, along with a volunteer search group to locate McFee.

Why do they think he has been affected by Jerusalem Syndrome?

Certain identifying factors have been associated with the syndrome. Since his disappearance, McFee seems to be following the path of delusion.

First, all identifying items, such as leaving behind his tablet, his wallet, which were found near a trail where he had been biking. Other things were located near an apartment building where McFee had stayed briefly.

And perhaps the most telling, a trail of torn out Bible pages, a makeshift chapel, handwritten scriptures and Bible stories about Jesus fasting in the desert were found.

A search team member said that in his opinion, it appeared McFee has been doing all kinds of ceremonies they don’t understand.

McFee’s friend Mark Fletcher described his friend as shy but with a big heart and generous with his skills and time.

His family and friends are extremely concerned and worried he might actually be doing what is suspected and has come to harm.

Hopefully, they will receive word soon that McFee has been found safe and is willing to go home.

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