The Truth About Holding In A Sneeze

Don’t hold that sneeze in! It could kill you!  A British man was in shock when it almost happened to him.

x-ray of man who held in sneeze

A 34-year-old healthy man from England found this to be true the hard way.

He decided to stifle his sneeze by pinching his nose and closing his mouth.

In a short time, the young man began feeling a popping feeling in the back of his throat, followed by swelling in his neck. He also started experiencing difficulty swallowing and speaking.

Seeking emergency assistance at a local hospital, doctors found from an x-ray that there were air bubbles from a rupture permeating the soft tissue of his neck and chest. Because he didn’t sneeze!

The young man was hospitalized for 7 days, given anti-biotics and fed through a tube so the rupture could heal. He eventually made a full recovery.

According to Dr. Anthony Aymet, “when you sneeze, air comes out of your mouth at about 150 miles per hour. If you retain all that pressure, you will most likely end up with air trapped in your body.”

Although it’s not always socially acceptable, a good loud sneeze into a tissue to catch the germ cloud is the best way to stay healthy.

So just sneeze already!


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