Sharon Stone Has Been Very Agile With Her Career

Actress Sharon Stone has had a fantastic career thanks to her ability to be agile when it came to her image.  When Hollywood thought being sexy was a different type of figure than what Stone had she morphed and quickly posed for Playboy.

Sharon Stone poses in Playboy

That exposure helped get her the iconic role of a sociopathic killer in the movie “Basic Instinct.”

Sharon Stone No Underwear in Basic Instinct

As she aged gracefully, and Hollywood wondered if she was still sexy she made an agile move and posed naked for Harper’s Baazar in 2015.  She reestablished herself as a sex symbol.

Sharon Stone Poses Naked in Magazine

Now she’s speaking out about her experience with sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone is the latest actress to speak out about her own experiences of sexual abuse in Hollywood.

Stone sat down the reporter, Lee Cowan to discuss her comeback and her past experiences. At first, when asked by Cowan if she had been a victim as well, Stone broke out in laughter.

Sharon Stone's interview and comeback

“Can you imagine the business I stepped into 40 years ago, looking like I look, from Nowhere, Pennsylvania at 19 years old? I had no protection. I’ve seen it all.”

Stone continued, “my generation was raised to accommodate men.”

“But we women are finally starting to acknowledge our own gifts as women and not think that we have to behave like men in order to be powerful and valued.”

Stone supports the #TimesUp initiative and speaks out for others.

Stone also discussed the stroke she had over a decade ago. At the time, she was told she had a 5% chance of living. “It totally wiped out my entire life. I had to relearn everything. And this business is not very forgiving. No one cares about a broken person.”

But Stone is coming back stronger than ever. As a single Mother with three sons, she’s learning to balance career with motherhood. She has just signed on to a series on HBO, called Mosaic which premieres January 22. The Steven Soderbergh mystery follows the murder of children’s book author Olivia Lake, played by Stone.

Stone is a strong woman who has survived not only her first years in Hollywood but a stroke that many would not have recovered from. Her comeback should serve to show others they too can stand up and come back!

via Daily Prompt: Agile


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