Dog Walks 20 Miles (Twice) To Her Previous Home Gets Loving New Family

I never knew that a dog could become so attached to their family that they’d do whatever it took to get back home.  This is a story about Cathleen, the sad dog who kept escaping and walking back to the former loving home 20 miles away.

Cathleen the dog gets adopted

The second time Cathleen was found alone outside the house where she’d lived in Seminole, Oklahoma, her new family told an animal control officer they just weren’t able to keep her secured. They gave her up to the local animal shelter last week.

The animal shelter had to respond with quick, agile thinking because Cathleen the dog missed her previous family so much.  So the Seminole Humane Society and Animal Shelter posted an adoption for Cathleen on Facebook.

“Cathleen is precious and her original family loved her very much,” the animal shelter said in a moving Facebook post. “Her heart wants to be with them but they cannot keep her. We have now stepped in to assist Cathleen on her next journey.”

And Cathleen’s loving story went far and wide across the United States.  Adoption applications came in as very far away;  “from all over the United States,” as well as Canada and even Portugal, Seminole Humane Society’s president Mary Ann Hill told TODAY.

Alicia Nichole Fields, 33, from Texas learned of Cathleen, and was “just heartbroken,” she told TODAY.

On the application, Fields mentioned her fenced yard, and her other happy animals — pet dogs and free-range chickens — and provided references, like her family’s veterinarian.  She even invited the shelter to view her Facebook page.

Fields ended up being chosen to adopt Cathleen the dog and was excited to pick her up from Oklahoma to take back to her home in Texas.

Alicia Nichole Fields with Cathleen the dog

Cathleen now has three other dog siblings to run around and play with.  The home in a town with only 4000 residence, and has plenty of room for her to run around in.

The property is heavily fenced and Cathleen the dog hasn’t been digging under the fence to escape.  Still, though, Fields is looking at GPS dog collars just in case Cathleen tries to run.

Fields updated everyone on Cathleen the dog’s transition to her new home in Texas with this funny post.

I’ve made it to my new digs in Texas. There is a lot of room to run around here. I have 2 fur sisters and 1 fur brother, they spent a long time smelling my bum and touching me. My new skin mom says that she has to go through the same thing with TSA before she flies on a plane, she doesn’t like it, but to me it sounds like heaven! I really like my new skin mom, she pets me a lot.


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