Bill Cosby Makes An Odd Joke About #MeToo.

For Bill Cosby to make such a stupid remark about the “Me too” movement after shaking hands with a woman at a restaurant, only proves he is all guilty as Weinstein and still has no respect for women!

Bill Cosby Jokes About #MeToo

In case he doesn’t know, it wasn’t funny. He still has another trial to go through for assaulting a woman in 2004 after sedating her. So maybe making jokes about women being sexually assaulted isn’t just a good plan.

He still must think he’s one of the “good ole’ boys” and can get by with saying anything he wants. It’s become quite apparent, Cosby never was one of the good ole’ boys, nor will he ever be.

Another millionaire laughing because so far, he hasn’t been convicted and is still a free man. What a disgusting thing for him to say to a respectable woman.

Are any of the old suspected or alleged sexual offenders every going to step up and tell the truth? Apologize to the women they harmed? Or are they still going to make jokes about it, that only they think are funny?

Bill Cosby At Dinner With Friend

Women, and hopefully fathers, brothers, husbands, friends, etc., of women, are finished with such behavior. These types of statements aren’t going to just slide by without notice.

And there’s one man who holds the highest office in this country who still needs to be brought to justice for assaulting women. Oh, and a 14-year-old girl being held by a sex trafficker. If he didn’t do anything wrong, then he has nothing to worry about. Just because he’s so “busy” being President, when he’s not on the golf course, doesn’t mean this nation is ever going to just let these allegations be swept under the rug. Those women deserve justice and their day in court as well.

As for Cosby, who even cares about him anymore? He’s been proven to be a vile man who used and abused women and young girls while pretending to be “America’s Greatest Dad.” The only thing I want to hear about Bill Cosby is that he’s going to jail for sexual assault. Otherwise, he can stay under his rock like the snake he is.


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