Nancy Kerrigan Finally Tells Us What She Thinks Of “I, Tonya”

I have actually seen the movie “I, Tonya” and really felt sorry for Tonya Harding much more than I had before.  I thought it was an entertaining, great movie that showed a side of the Tonya Harding I hadn’t known previously.  I actually thought she orchestrated the whole attack on Nancy Kerrigan.

Tonya Harding surrounded by cast of I, Tonya

 I say this is a massive success for Tonya Harding in clearing her name.  “I, Tonya” revolves around the role Tonya played in the 1994 attack on Kerrigan.

According to TMZ Kerrigan was not consulted for “I, Tonya,” although according to a source her camp did reach out to producers, but “Nobody consulted me.”

Kerrigan was the victim of the kneecap incident. Eventually Tonya’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly was found guilty of the plot and served two years in prison. Tonya ended up receiving three years probation and had to $100,000 for conspiring to hinder prosecution.

The movie, “I, Tonya,” stars Margot Robbie as Harding and it takes the audience into the skater’s life before entering the Olympics.  The film does a beautiful job telling the story, and moviegoers end up sympathizing with Tonya.  “I, Tonya” was also a very funny movie.

So how does Nancy Kerrigan feel about the movie?  Well, she says she’s never seen the movie and really doesn’t have an opinion about it.

Nancy Kerrigan Kneecap

“I was at the national [figure skating] championships this week so I didn’t watch the Golden Globes,” Kerrigan said. “I haven’t seen the movie. I’m just busy living my life.”

“As you say, I was the victim,” she said. “Like, that’s my role in this whole thing. That’s it.”

Nancy eventually won a silver medal in the Olympics.



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