Megyn Kelly Wanted To Be Called A Fat Ass In Order To Stay Thin?

So Megyn Kelly asked her step-father to help her lose weight by fat shaming her, and that’s supposed to be the same thing as a young girl or a woman being fat-shamed in public? Being bullied and called fat ass?

Megyn Kelly Fat Ass Comments

Calling someone, anyone, a fat ass to get to lose weight is the same as telling someone with a disease to get over it. Maybe it worked for Megyn as a sort of reminder, but she has requested he say that and I’m sure if he was a loving step-father, it might have been done a few times with laughter as a joke.

I was very fortunate growing up thin and slender. I was slim all the way through having had four children and well into my ’50s. Then life changes happened I had no control of, and I was suddenly an empty nester all alone. I don’t think I realized I turned to food for comfort after that, but it happened. I was alone too much. No longer had all the activity that goes with being a Mom of 4. It didn’t happen overnight, but it’ happened.

Today, I exercise and do portion control to lose the twenty pounds overweight I am. And I know that if someone called me a fat ass, it would break my heart, not motivate me!

Fat shaming is one of the last of the big bully tactics still going on in our country. I don’t think people from other nations worry about it nearly as much as Americans. In fact, the most beautiful women of history, who were painted, admired, made queens, were most certainly never skinny like the models of today.

Megyn Kelly once again puts her foot in her mouth. I don’t see a lot of women admiring her or her success. I can’t help but wonder if it’s her attitude that she’s better than most women? If not, she needs to rethink statements like she made. No one wants to be called a fat ass!


The following day Kelly released a statement about the backlash.  You can see it below.


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