Did A School Cross The Line Handling A Gay Girl’s T-shirt Choice?

There as been rules and dress codes in schools since the beginning of classes. And today it is probably even harder for School Districts, Principals, teachers, etc., to decide what is appropriate and what isn’t.

Girl Dress Code Violation

What some school districts might consider inappropriate, might not be so in another school.

But recently, a 13-year-old girl, Ali Chaney was surprised to be called into the Principal’s office and met not only by the Principal, but two Vice Principals who immediately confronted her about the t-shirt she was wearing, saying, “it was causing a distraction.” She was not allowed to leave the office until a parent brought her a change of clothing.

Ali had been excited to wear the t-shirt that day. She’d bought it over the weekend with money she earned from babysitting. Never for a moment thinking it would “cause a distraction.”

The t-shirt was black with words on the front in rainbow colors saying,”Some people are gay, get over it.”


One of the Vice Principals stated, “he didn’t want ‘that’ in his school!”

This hurt Ali very much because she was sure what he meant by “that.”

Apparently, there are several openly gay students, as Ali is, in the school, another reason she didn’t think it would be wrong to wear it.

Ali’s mother, Cassie Watson said Ali called her in hysterics and told her she had to rush to school with a shirt for her. Cassie works at a dental office so she rushed over with a scrub shirt, never imagining what could be so wrong. Cassie felt like her daughter had been discriminated against, bullied, and basically held against her will in the office until she arrived. Ali was so distraught, her mother took her home for the rest of the day.

Mother and daughter of dress code violation

Social media has been lit up with posts supporting Ali. Not one person yet has come forward to say anything against the t-shirt Ali was wearing. In fact, the principals have only made matters worse.

In a school based on diversity, with as stated, several openly gay students, the backlash has been against the school for bullying and discriminating.

Backlash against school dress code

Facebook Post Shared Over 5000 Times

I have seen students walk out of schools wearing things I wouldn’t want a daughter of mine to wear out of the house. Split jeans, tops hanging off shoulders, sleeves with big holes in them, shorts so short they left little to the imagination. That’s why I said, I’m sure it’s not easy to draw the line someplace.

There was nothing vulgar about Ali’s t-shirt. She wasn’t exposing any part of her body. It didn’t have anything to do with drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol. It was a one-line statement that apparently felt threatening to someone, and we all know, those who complain first get the most attention.

Mother and Daughter of school dress code violation

I find nothing inappropriate about the t-shirt. The shirt makes a statement, so what. As many gay people as there around in our country, and with younger ones “coming out,” we need to be supportive, not bullying them. This is not something new. And it’s not going away.

I believe Ali deserves an apology from the school and a public apology needs to happen as well. They were wrong in all the ways they handled it, and they need to apologize for that. And “get over it.”


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