Raw Water Is The “Snake Oil” Of Our Day.

Somehow the article about Raw Water sort of evokes the memory of a “snake oil” salesmen of the 1800’s. You know, the “Magic Elixir” that cured anything?


Well, A San Fransisco based company, Live Water, is banking on lots of people buys their Raw Water at big prices.

“Come get your Raw Water for $35.95 for 12-1 liter bottles or $36.99 for 2 1/2 gallons with $14.99 refills. Comes straight from a fresh, sparkling spring.”

Or for “$4,500 you can purchase your own Zero Mass Water System and draw moisture from the air and filter it yourself.”

Apparently, the Silicone Valley Executives around San Fransisco are buying it up, so fast one company ran out.

So while millions of people around the world are struggling to have clean water, around 842,000 people die every year from unfiltered water, some of which contains feces, others are apparently taking the risks of drinking Raw Water because it comes out of a bottle.

So let’s take a look at why we have filtered water. Around the 1800s, cities started to purify water because of typhoid fever spreading through the water system. Sounds like a good idea, and pretty much eliminated that disease from America.

And when people say they are drinking non-filtered raw water, do they really know what they’re getting?

Not only does our current system filter out diseases, and other “natural things,” I for one, don’t really want to know about, it filters out minerals.

For instance, something coming from the ground will most likely contain “natural minerals” that have been in the earth for millions of years. Some minerals that come up such as Cinnabar, Torbernite, Arsenic and Sulfur Dioxide. In case you didn’t know, any of those “natural minerals” can kill you.

There is a beautiful natural spring fed creek on one of my daughter’s properties in the country. I like to sit by it, watch it stream along slowly on a warm summer day. It looks clear as can be. Beautiful. But would I drink it? No.

If the people of Silicone Valley, San Fransisco, and other places have that much extra money to spend on the idea that Raw Water is good for them, why not instead, invest that money in countries where the children with diseases from “natural water.” are dying. Help them have clean drinking water.

It will be interesting to watch and see what happens. Will these people become ill? Will this be found to be only a hoax? We don’t see any snake oil or magic elixir around these days do we?

via Daily Prompt: Evoke


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