Good Excuse: “I’m Allergic To Exercising.” No Really.

For many people with the New Year comes a commitment to exercise more and be healthier.  Which is all good.  But for some people, they are able to use the excuse of “I’m Allergic To Exercising.”


Only about 2% of the population has this condition. Some describe it as getting a redness or hives on their arms or back of their legs. It’s called “exercise-induced anaphylaxis” or EIA.

It’s similar to other allergies, and degree of severity differs from person to person. In some rare, severe cases, it can actually cause death.

During an allergic reaction, your body produces antibodies. Those antibodies release several immune system chemicals like histamine which causes an allergic reaction like a runny nose and inflamed skin.

Doctors think some EIA is linked to a type of food that is consumed before exercise.  So it’s a good idea to keep a running log of when the reactions appear.

EIA is a lifelong condition.

via Daily Prompt: Allergic


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