A Deadly New Game Called “Swatting.”

“What is wrong with people,” seems to be the question on everyone’s minds on a daily basis these days. And today is no different.


Apparently, a new deadly game is now being played. “Swatting.” Heard of it? It’s when someone decides to make a phone call to police to report a bomb threat or that someone is being held hostage, someone has been murdered. You get the idea.

So the SWAT team arrives in full gear and demands anyone in the house come out with hands up. Only no crime has taken place. No one is being held, hostage. No one has been murdered. There is not bomb. It’s a fake swatting. And a sick game.

Last Thursday, a man in Los Angeles, Tyler Kaj Barriss, 25, had been playing an online game with a man from Wichita, Kansas, Andrew Finch, 28. It seems that Finch died because of a $1.50 wager.

Barriss made the fatal call to Wichita police saying he had shot his father and was holding his mother and sibling hostage. So of course, the SWAT team and other officers responded.


Finch came out on the front porch, was told to put his hands up, which he did, but then lowered one had and one police officer feared he had a gun and fired one shot, killing him instantly.

The call was traced to Barriss, and it seems this isn’t the first time he’s made a false police report. In October of 2015, he called in a bomb threat to an event in Dallas, TX. He reportedly pleads guilty, but there’s no record of his punishment.

According to the FBI, around 400 such incidents are called into police in a year. Hopefully, the murder of an innocent man will bring that number down! Barriss feels he shouldn’t be charged with murder because he wasn’t the one who fired the shot.

But Finch’s mother wants answers! And she said she’s not getting them from the police or the mayor. Lisa Finch said the police have not yet released her son’s body to her. Nor have them returned the front door of the home, a computer, 2 cellphones, a video game and other items to them.

Lisa has contacted the ACLU and other victim support groups to help her find answers. The family also wants the police officer who fired the shot be charged with her son’s murder!

She asked at a news conference, “What is the protocol for police and what kind of training have they had for “swatting?” These are questions no one will answer for her. So she has hired a civil rights attorney.

But as the story reads, it’s unlikely the officer will be charged with any type of crime. An officer must show glaring negligence and misconduct to be accused of any crime in an incident such as this.

As our country continues to become more and more violent, we must take a look at the laws and training. It appears new types of crimes are coming to light every day. I know it must be hard for police officers to keep up with them. But something needs to be done.

If that officer had waited just 10 seconds, he would have seen Finch was unarmed. Or 5 seconds. If no officers were in direct line of fire if Finch has been armed, why not wait those few seconds?

I know in highly charged situations such as this, split-second decisions have to be made. I’m sure the officer regrets shooting Finch, and he’ll have to live with that the rest of his life.

But, Barriss should be charged with pre-meditated, capital murder! He may not have been standing there to fire the gun, but he knew exactly what was going to happen when he made that phone call. These types of crimes must be stopped! Hold Barriss accountable for his actions.

I hope the family finds some answers soon. I hope they are able to bury their son soon. But I hope their anger is directed at the young man in CA., who set their son up to be murdered.


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