Ryan Reynolds Tells Us Which Celebrity ‘Chris’ Is Hottest.

Ryan Reynolds finally comes clean on which celebrity Chris he thinks is hottest.


You’ve seen most of them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   Which one gives you the tingle?

There’s Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

And Chris Pratt as Star-Lord.

Then there’s Chris Evans as Captain America.

And of course, Chris Pine from Wonder Woman and Star Trek.

Ryan Reynolds was asked to break a tie on which Chris was most attractive.

Reynolds responded he likes triple scoops of the three Chris.  Different flavors for hitting different taste buds we guess.  Rather than choose between vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, why not go all in and buy all three?

If he had his way, Reynolds would be snacking on a trifecta made up of all the best parts of Thor, Star-Lord and Captain America. We suspect many others prescribe to Reynolds’ approach.

But what about Chris Pines?  He’s not a part of the Marvel Universe, but he’s a significant Chris in Hollywood.

Ryan figured out a way to get Pines into the Sundae.  Seems like Reynolds enjoys pine nuts ‘on top’ of his Thor, Star-Lord, and Captain America.

We think that’s a perfect Sundae.  In fact, we would go back for seconds and thirds.










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