For Some, It’s A Treat For Others It’s Jail Time.

California couple delivering a very Merry Christmas treat.

Couple Arrested For Marijuana

In December, a couple from California, 80-year-old Patrick Jiron and his wife, 83-year-old Barbara Jiron were stopped for a routine traffic violation while traveling through York County, Nebraska.

The arresting officer thought he smelled raw marijuana, so a canine drug-sniffing dog was sent to the location. Sure enough. There were boxes of raw marijuana. Lots of boxes containing marijuana.

Police stated there was 60lbs of marijuana with a street value of over $336,000.

The couple was taken to the station where Mr. Jiron was arrested and booked for intent to deliver and having no drug tax stamp. He posted bond and was released, but the couple is still awaiting trial.

The couple insisted they were on their way to Vermont to visit friends and relatives and the marijuana was meant for Christmas gifts, not distribution.

Marijuana is legal in California. Marijuana is legal in Vermont. But apparently not in NE.

There is a lot of confusion revolving around the use and distribution of marijuana these days. Some states it’s legal only for medicinal purposes. Some states, it’s not legal for recreational use.

Perhaps the couple was confused. Maybe the two thought they’d make it to Vermont with the marijuana with no problems. I suppose a judge will have to sort all of that out.

Since they’re both in their 80s, I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, what good is it going to do to jail a couple in their 80s who may not live through a trial even? Even if they were delivering it to be sold, maybe they need the money!


I’ve read recently where some elderly people have begun to sell pain medications to others as a way to earn money because they don’t have enough to live on but can usually get prescription pain drugs from their doctors. And yes, I know it’s illegal, and they know it’s illegal, but I don’t judge too harshly because I see how much elderly are trying to live on these days. Everything, everyday needs, keep going up in price while social security and pensions remain the same or have been lowered. So they are doing what they have to do to survive.

It’s society that needs to change so the elderly won’t have to make a decision that may put them in jail! We cannot continue to put the elderly last in our society! They can’t afford to heat old homes. They can’t afford both food and medications.

So I for one am going to give this couple of the benefit of the doubt. The police and destroy the marijuana, but let the couple go on probation. I’m sure the elderly couple has been scared out of their minds and just need to go home.

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