Did Mama June Really Tell The Truth About Her Secret To Losing 300lbs?

Mama June used to be 460lbs at her high.  She weighs a lot less now and is touting a ‘secret’ to her weight loss.  Is it the whole truth though?


First of all, I have to say this story is misleading. “Momma June’s secret to weight loss! Sleep until 1 p.m. and skip breakfast.”


Now let us talk about the facts. June did not lose the weight from sleeping until afternoon and skipping breakfast.

Momma June spent over $75,000 to have gastric sleeve surgery, breast augmentation, and removal of 9lbs of excess skin.

Then add in a personal nutritionist and a personal trainer.


Now we know how Momma June really lost 300 lbs.

And I’m not saying it was still easy. Multiple surgeries and learning a new way of eating healthy is never easy when you’ve gotten that far off track. But this is not a “poof” the weight is gone kind of story as the headline makes it seem.

And how many people can afford $75,000 for surgeries? She made her money in reality tv, and she’ll make more now that she’s thin. The everyday person has to find alternatives to what she did. And that’s not easy either.

And who can sleep until 1 p.m. every day?

Secondly, I would like to congratulate Momma June for making the decision to add years to her life and health by losing 300 lbs.That is remarkable! But, I just want to make sure people know the truth of how she did it.

But it does still come down to choices. Sure, June had the money to do it in a way others may not. But, we all have options in life. We make a choice every day to eat something healthy or to have a double cheeseburger. Anyone who makes the decision to lose weight, eat healthy and workout can and will lose weight. More slowly than she did, but it can still happen.

It’s a new year. Everyone resolves to lose weight in a new year. How about instead of saying that, we make the commitment to eat healthy and exercise. Remember the race with the turtle and the rabbit?


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