PewDiePie Calls Fellow YouTube Star Logan Paul A “Sociopath.”

Logan Paul is known for his fiery personality on social media.  He started his own clothing line and was named one of Vine’s influencer.  But was showing a dead body, someone who committed suicide going too far?  Will his meteoric career continue or will this be the beginning of the end of Logan?

Here’s Logan’s reaction to a dead body he just found in the forest.

Logan Paul Reacts To Dead Body


Also, see the backlash against Chrissy Teigen’s comments.

So how did Logan and his small gang run into a dead body?  I mean it’s not every day you see a dead body by just walking into the forest, right?

Well, it is if you happen to go out of your way and fly to Japan with several friends and cameras and enter a forest called “suicide forest.”

Logan Paul and Friends Find Dead Body

Logan Paul shocked to find suicide victim in “suicide forest.”

The group proceeds to videotape the incident.  Logan’s video shows zooming into the dead body, showing the hands, and he’s standing right next to it.

Logan has since taken down the video showing the dead body and issued several apologies.

Many on social media fired back at Logan for being disrespectful.

Even PewDiePie got into the debate calling Logan Paul a sociopath.  PewDiePie has uploaded an entire video calling Paul out for being “distasteful” and “disrespectful.”

He continues. “I always knew that Logan Paul was a jackass, so I wasn’t really surprised by the fact that once Logan Paul found a dead body, that he acted like a jackass… He went up to the body, filmed it literally up close… It’s not the kind of stuff you’d see on YouTube; very disturbing; really disrespectful, zooming on the body, making weird jokes around it… Logan, he’s a straight-up sociopath.”

You can watch PewDiePie’s video lambasting Logan below.


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