Are You Drinking Stolen Bottled Spring Water?

Did you know the bottled water you’re drinking was stolen from the San Bernadino National Forest? If you’re drinking Nestle’ brand of Arrowhead water, that’s exactly what you’re drinking.


The Nestle’ company has been stealing water from the mountain streams for decades with no permit to do so.

Around 1890, Nestle’ was granted the water rights to 26 acres or 8.5 million gallons of water. It currently takes water from 192 acres or 62 million gallons of water a year.

Since 2015, Nestle’ has been warned by the State Water Resources Control Board, established because of the drought that year, to discontinue stealing the water. Their lawyers kept arguing they had the right to it because of a farmer who made that contract with them over a hundred years ago. But when the Board finally researched through the web of records and court documents, they found exactly what they knew was the case.

Nestle’ is stealing water from the state of California.


For years, Native Americans and activists have protested and tried to have this stopped.

The letter the Board sent to Nestle’ telling them to cease taking the water not allotted to them is not exactly a legal document. The Board has recommended they stop. That doesn’t mean Nestle’ has to stop. Yet.

The ironic thing is, in the advertisements of Arrowhead water, it’s said that it is from the pure mountain streams of the San Bernadino National Forest. “It has been revered by Native Americans for it’s healing powers for centuries.”

Seems to me they are “touting” the theft right in the faces of the State of California. So why haven’t they been stopped?

Some people are arrested in California for watering lawns or gardens. Yet Nestle’ company can steal it for decades?

As I’m sure most feel, the letter of recommendations to cease stealing the water won’t stop a massive company like Nestle’ from doing what they want.

But hopefully, it’s a start towards negotiations. Or getting the Attorney General of California involved.

And then, there’s always boycotting not only the water distributed by Nestle’ but ALL of their products! Nothing says “stop it” like never repurchasing their products! I’m in. Are you?


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